Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Guitar Review Flawless Instrument

Hello there, back again with another excellent guitar by an excellent manufacturer, Schecter! This time, we will be looking at a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser electric guitar. This has been one of the most shocking guitars I have ever played.

I mean, if you think about the brand, their style, the musicians who play Schecter instruments and the aggressive look, I would always think that these were built for heavier music genres and very limited.

However, when I demoed it I found out dozens of different sounds which were usable in many genres could be obtained with a single instrument like this.

Before we dive into details, let’s see the guitar in action!

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Review & Sound Demo (no talking)

Doesn’t it look excellent already? The craftsmanship on these instruments is top-notch, with not even a single problem or cosmetic fail on it. If you think you would never like active pickups, please think again.

This guitar is one of the most successful instruments in tone generating for both high-gain settings and pristine clean tones. Also, the coil-split function goes perfectly well with these pairs of pickups.

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Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Tech Specs

BodyMahogany with Quilted Maple Top
ConstructionSet-Neck (Ultra Access)
NeckMahogany 3 pieces
TunersSchecter Locking
Frets24 X-Jumbo
Nut42mm Graptech XL Black Tusq
BridgeTonepros T3BT Tune-O-Matic
PickupsEMG 81TW (B) EMG89R (N)
Controls2xVolume(Push/Pull) Tone 3-way Switch
StringsErnie Ball Regular Slinky #2221

According to Schecter Guitar Research’s website, this guitar is made in South Korea which makes me think that it’s probably built in a Cort factory. I don’t know you but Korean-made guitars always make me feel safe thanks to their build quality and playability.

This guitar must have been the first Schecter I had ever touched and as I said I was quite shocked by the versatility of this instrument.

The thin C-profile neck is awesome and very very easy to play. String action is quite low without choking up the low end and this results in ease of playability that you could only have with high-level guitars.

Update: I have recently got myself a beautiful Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 in the sexiest guitar finish ever, Ultra Violet! I highly recommend you check out my review. 🙂

If you are into hard rock, and heavy metal genres and want thick gains out of your amp and at the same time want to have pristine clean tones with wide tonal varieties, I would definitely suggest you try one.

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Yes, the look is quite aggressive but beautiful at the same time but it will also provide many usable tones at your disposal no matter what kind of genre you are going to use it for!

Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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