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Best Way to Get Kids Into Music

Hello there and welcome back to another article for you. This time, we will be looking at one of the most important topics, the best way to get kids into music! It is important because music is not just a set of air vibrations but offers a huge amount of benefits for anyone. In this article, I will cover the reasons why kids should get into music and why kids should learn musical instruments as well as what is the best way to get kids into music.

First, let’s talk about why music is important and the benefits of kids learning music.

The Benefits of Music Learning for Children & Kids

While having social interactions, games and fun is crucial for children’s development brain development, the positive impact of learning a musical instrument for a kid has its own place and should be a top priority.

Does Music Help Brain Development?

Absolutely! Several studies have shown the ability to understand musical language and embed this into one’s neural system definitely helps brain development. Research suggests that children who study music are usually way more successful and like to get better grades in high school.

It’s also indicated that musical training develops the left part of the brain physically, which correlates with language processing, reasoning, and logical thinking.

Thomann's 70th Anniversary Offers

Thomann's 70th Anniversary Offers

Either singing, playing an instrument or even listening to music stimulates brain growth which leads to enhanced brain structure by triggering new neural formations.

Is Music Fun or Joyful for Kids?

Of course! Once kids start to have some control of their physical needs for playing an instrument, they most likely enjoy playing it. Each step towards learning a new thing on their instrument is a joyful step. Music also gives kids an opportunity to express themselves, and be creative and cheerful, thus resulting in happier kids!

Does Music Relive Stress and Help Children Focus Better?

Playing a musical instrument requires utmost focus and attention, for this reason, children who are musically trained definitely have better-concentrated thinking while calming their minds. Music also helps kids with unlocking and enhancing their memory skills while challenged by multiple items at a time.

Does Music Help Kids Understanding Math?

Even though most people can not relate math and music to each other and think they are very different from each other, music and math are very similar. Every musical component consists of rhythm, fractions, ratios and numerical logic to it. So music can actually help children to learn math in the best way!

Learning music definitely helps kids understand math and improve their analytical problem-solving abilities. Getting kids into music earlier will pay off in their upcoming academic and social challenges.

Can Music Help Improve Social Skills?

Even though practising your instrument requires focused alone time, music is still one of the best ways to interact with people. While rehearsing and performing music in groups, teamwork skills and a sense of harmony will be enhanced in individuals. Thus, an individual would highly like to have better social skills immediately.

Does Music Help Learning Languages?

Absolutely! As several studies suggest, learning music, playing an instrument or singing will definitely have a positive impact on learning and developing speech skills. As mentioned, since music helps develop the left part of the brain which is responsible for language skills and reasoning, it contributes to sound recognition and helps kids remember information much easier.

Does Music Help Kids Gain Discipline and Patience?

Yes, 100%! I believe this is one of the most important benefits of getting kids into music as early as possible. Practising an instrument requires hard work and dedication as well as intense focus. When done regularly, it helps kids understand that discipline and patience always yield positive results. One can apply this understanding to any area in life to be successful.

Thomann Back2School!
Thomann Back 2 School!

What is the Best Way to Get Kids Into Music?

While I was writing this article, I tried to remember the exact moment when I was blown away by the magic of music. And it was really hard to remember. However, I did remember some moments around my teenage ages. Even though one can claim I wasn’t born into a musical family, I remember seeing my dad start to play bağlama (Turkish folk instrument) at a fairly late age, but he couldn’t really spend time on it.

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Later on, my sister signed up for a keyboard course at a local music shop so we had a Yamaha keyboard at home. When I tried to make sounds with it, I remember I wasn’t really blown away by the sound of a keyboard. When I was around 13 or 14, my sister also started playing classical guitar and somehow I got really interested in it.

But my interest was already there for the guitar as I watched a video clip of Everything I Do by Brian Adams. Even though no one in my family was able to play an instrument at an advanced level, I was still lucky to encounter some musical instruments at home.

I strongly believe kids should be exposed to music as early as possible. There are no drawbacks to introducing your kids to music at any age, ideally in a fun way. Since we are born, we can enjoy music. Even listening to music with them, and encouraging them to make sounds and rhythms is crucial.

Different Age Groups and Music

Depending on the age group, several approaches can be tried when introducing music to kids. Naturally, no infants, toddlers or preschoolers should be forced to play an instrument.

Even though in the internet era of things, you may have seen so many child prodigies online, doing crazy stuff on their instrument, I’m pretty sure not many of them were forced to practise all day long while sacrificing their fun times being kids.

I believe being surrounded by musician parents will definitely have an impact on how kids perceive music and musicianship and I think they are highly likely to pick up an instrument way easier.

As infants are actually able to recognise melodies before they can even understand any words, calm, soothing, short and simple pieces of music can be played while they are sleeping as a soft introduction to music.

For toddlers, dancing to music and moving with the rhythm is an ability they have just gained not so long ago. To help them memorise and encourage them to speak the language, songs with a lot of repetition can be a fun way to further introduce music to them. It would be also good to encourage them to repeat the rhythms by clapping or tapping objects.

For this age group, I would suggest checking out some bongo sets, sleigh bells and glockenspiels as they are pretty easy to make sounds with.

Best Instruments to Get Kids Into Music

Here below, you can have a look at the Thomann TG10 Soprano Glockenspiel. Very affordable, and easy to make sounds with!

Thomann TG10 Glockenspiel
Thomann TG10 Glockenspiel

You can also consider having a Thomann Classic Bongo set that actually requires no skills to make the initial sounds.

Thomann Classic Bongo Set
Thomann Classic Bongo Set

Preschoolers would also feel comfortable with percussive and melodic instruments. One of the best instruments for this age group would be definitely percussion tubes and kalimbas.

Boomwhackers is a great brand when it comes to instruments for kids/children. They are actually plastic tubes tuned to actual musical notes, so when hit on a surface, they sound the pitch!

Boomwhackers Percussion Tubes
Boomwhackers Percussion Tubes

Kalimbas which are a type of percussive and melodic instrument are also another option for introducing music to your child. As it requires a little bit of plucking action to vibrate the tines, it may not be the easiest but it still allows these young humans to make that sound and listen! 🙂

Check out this beautiful Thomann Sun Kalimba below!

Thomann Sun Kalimba
Thomann Sun Kalimba

For school-age children, the options may be a bit different than the younger ones. As they start to express what they like or don’t like about the music, it may be easier to detect their interest in the choice of musical instruments.

Even though the instruments I have listed above can be still suitable for school-age children, they can also go for popular and well-known instruments such as guitars, violins, keyboards, woodwinds or brasswind.

Martinic Plugins - Precisely Modeled Vintage Instruments and FX Plugins

Martinic Plugins - Precisely Modeled Vintage Instruments and FX Plugins

However, parents should definitely consider their kids’ physical development as not all kids are the same! Some may have genetically bigger body frames and this can already appear at younger ages.

Depending on their physical development, you can go for either full-size guitars, violins or 1/2 and even 3/4 versions of it. For example, this beautiful Thomann Classic Violin Set comes in 3/4 size.

Thomann Classic Violin Set
Thomann Classic Violin Set

In case your child is interested in keys, instead of buying him/her an 8-octave piano, you can actually go for a small keyboard that allows them to control it easily.

As an example, here’s the Yamaha PSS-F30 keyboard that features 37 mini keys. Pretty affordable and offers a high value/money! As this mini keyboard features mini keys, it doesn’t require too much effort to make sounds. Pretty ideal for preschoolers!

Yamaha PSS-F30
Yamaha PSS-F30

With regards to wind instruments, there’s almost a globally accepted instrument that can be seen in many schools in music lessons. Recorders are great instruments which are affordable, lightweight and hassle-free for young humans! 🙂

Check out this Yamaha YSR-23 Soprano recorder. During my school years, I came across this instrument very often. Everyone of us used to play these in music classes.

Yamaha YRS-24 B Soprano Recorder
Yamaha YRS-24 Soprano Recorder

Of course, these represent only a limited number of options for kids. Depending on your child’s interest, you can also support them in playing other instruments as well.

No matter which instrument they pick up and show interest in, this very first interaction of a child with music is so valuable and it will have a positive impact on their entire life!

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For other instrument options, please check out this page and get your kid into music in the best way possible! You will land on Thomann’s website which is the best music shop in the universe that ships anywhere!

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will hopefully see you in the next articles here!

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