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Why Thomann is The Best Music Store? Excellent CX!

Hello there, back again with another piece of unique content for you! This time, I would like to provide you with a real-world case scenario in the musical instruments industry featuring many big players in Europe.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you are probably aware that I am exclusively promoting Thomann here! It’s not just for money or anything, but it’s also because I am their customer and I know for sure they are the best out there!

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Being a former musical instruments business professional, I have an increased awareness of this industry and often use this as an opportunity to share it here on my webpage.

Since the beginning, I have been trying to introduce Thomann to my visitors worldwide. With my informative articles, I have tried to prove to musicians around the world that it’s possible to order from Thomann anywhere in the globe and you will be always greatly cared for.

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In this particular article, I would like to share with you my real-world customer experience with them.

Recently, I bought myself a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 electric guitar from Thomann. So my example will be around this guitar.

However, the guitar brand or model is not the point here. The point is how resellers and dealers behave and care for their customers in this industry.

During my service in the industry, I had the chance to interact with many companies either be manufacturers, distributors, dealers, reseller…etc.

I often heard negative things about Thomann from people! Most companies define Thomann as the gigantic monster that eats up small companies. Some even claimed that after Thomann had become so bigger, their business shattered.

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As in any market, it’s about how fast you adapt to changes. Thomann has successfully transformed itself from a family business to a gigantic monster. But what about smaller companies?

My Experience with Thomann

In this customer experience article, I as the customer wanted to buy a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 electric guitar.

I started my research and found out that this particular model was not available anywhere online (except for some second-hand options on eBay or South Korean stores).

First, I wanted to check the availability and price if applicable. To do that, I directly contacted Schecter company.

They kindly gave me a contact in Musik Meyer GmbH since I’m located in the EU.

Musik Meyer GmbH is a German distributor that has dozens of big brands in the industry. And they distribute Schecter to Germany, Austria and Benelux countries.

Since they are a distributor company, you can not go and buy an instrument as a private individual customer.

So they provided with me some dealers in the EU such as Thomann, MusicStore, and JustMusic.

I started contacting them separately and also wanted to try Muziker (not a Musik Meyer dealer) which has branches in Bratislava (this is where I live).

MusicStore: Never received a reply!

JustMusic: Received a reply and told me they would research the availability and price, then get back to me. Never got back to me!

MusikProduktiv: Replied with a did you mean Hellraiser Hybrid C-7, I repeated my choice then they informed me about the price that was higher than Thomann. So still did a good job!

Muziker: Replied a couple of days later, informed me about delivery times. I had to ask for the price information again. Never received a reply!

Thomann: was the fastest responding with the lowest price! They only had issues with the promised date being pushed further but I was always automatically informed.

Why am I doing this?

In this article, I wanted to show you how important is to respond and follow up with your customers within a real-world example.

Remember, I bought this guitar during Covid times when every company out there was crying out loud about how badly they were affected by it.

One of those companies could have me as a customer if they ever followed up with me or listened.

You may find this article and my approach a bit arrogant and ask “Who the hell are you?” right? I’m not saying you should avoid those companies, however, how they position their customers was so obvious from the very first contact.

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I think these “smaller companies” will lose in the long run if they don’t adapt to this new era. I am not able to understand what would be the reason not to respond and grab the customer from the very moment of contact.

This is why Thomann is the best music store ever! 🙂

In short, Thomann has won again and I strongly believe they deserve to be the best! Hope you have found this brief customer experience helpful, thanks for your time and stay tuned for future articles!

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