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EBS Flat Patch Cables Review – Neat & Strong

    Hello there, back again with another brief article for you! This time we will be looking at some pretty unique patch cables for your guitar pedals by the EBS company. I will be introducing to you the EBS company as well as will provide you with the EBS Flat Patch Cables review here.

    For those who have never heard of this company: EBS is a Swedish company that mainly focuses on bass guitar equipment. Their products include solid-state bass guitar head amps, solid-state bass guitar combo amps, various bass guitar speaker cabinets, bass guitar preamps and effects as well as their uniquely designed patch cables and accessories. 

    In this article, we will be looking at their flat patch cables only. I was looking for some short, patch cables to connect my ENGL E570 to my ENGL Cabloader.

    As you may know, there are tons of patch cables on the market. But I wanted to go for a high-quality one and didn’t really want to buy bulk patch cables since I only needed a single one.

    I ended up buying an EBS PG-58 Flat Patch Cable (Gold). PG stands for “Premium Gold” and “58” dictates the length of the cable.

    EBS PG-58 Premium Gold flat patch cable connector

    24K gold plated connectors

    EBS Premium Gold (PG) series flat patch cables along with EBS High Performance (HP) are the only ones featuring 24K gold plated on the whole jack surface.

    EBS’s flat patch cables really stand out with their unique design that saves a lot of space in your pedalboard. They all feature double-shielded cables and low resistance for the most pristine signal throughout your pedals. PG series is also the most compact one and even features a smaller housing than the original EBS PCF-Deluxe series.

    EBS PG-58 Premium Gold flat patch cable space saving

    I don’t normally connect these two as shown. Just to show you how much space you can save!

    For your reference, I am also providing here a tech specs table below.

    EBS PG-58 Premium Flat Patch Cables Tech Specs

    *Visitors on mobile devices; Did you know that you are able to scroll the comparison tables horizontally? Try yourself with the below table!

    Connector24K Gold Plated
    ShieldingConductive PVC & Copper shield
    ConductorFlexible copper conductor low voltage audio signal system
    Capacitance Cond./Shield< 10 pF/decimeters
    Conductor Resistance< 10 mOhm/decimeters
    Operating Temperature -15ºC to +70°C
    Outer InsulationPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
    Signal InsulationPE (polyethylene)
    Twisted Copper shield45 x 0,12mm
    Signal Copper Cores20 x 0,12mm
    Dimensions5,3 x 2,5 mm (Cable), 22,0 x 11,5 x 5,0 mm (Conductor housing)

    So which EBS flat patch cables should I go for?

    To make it easier for you, I have prepared 3 different comparison tables below. I have grouped EBS flat patch cables by their cable length.

    So you will have 10cm/18cm, 28cm and 58cm cables on separate tables. The reason I have done this is that most guitar players would usually prefer shorter cables to connect their pedals to their pedalboard. So you may most like want to prefer a shorter one.

    But also, you may just need a short cable for a single connection (just like in my case).

    EBS Flat Patch Cables (10cm & 18cm)

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    ModelPCF-DL10G DLX Flat Patch (New)PG-10 Flat Patch Cable GoldPCF-HP10 High PerformancePCF-DL18G DLX Flat Patch (New)PG-18 Flat Patch Cable GoldPCF-HP18 High Performance
    Rating vs # of User Reviews5/5 (2)4.9/5 (621)4.9/5 (65)NA4.9/5 (45)4.9/5 (119)
    Sales Rank1111718864121
    Length10 cm10 cm10 cm18 cm18 cm18 cm
    Price€ 7.90€ 8.90€ 11.00€ 8.40€ 9.90€ 11.90

    In the first table above, you will see both 10cm and 18cm EBS flat patch cables. My assumption seems to be right! 🙂

    PG-10 Flat Patch Cable Gold is their best seller! It has an outstanding number of user reviews with an average score of 4.9/5. These numbers definitely prove that many people have preferred this and they are extremely satisfied with it.

    EBS Flat Patch Cables (28cm)

    *Visitors on mobile devices; Did you know that you are able to scroll the comparison tables horizontally? Try yourself with the below table!

    ModelPCF-DL28 DLX Flat Patch CablePCF-DL28G DLX Flat Patch (New)PCF-DLS28S DLX Flat TRS (New)PG-28 Flat Patch Cable GoldPCF-HP58 High PerformancePCF-HP28 High Performance
    Rating vs # of User Reviews4.9/5 (400)NANA4.9/5 (284)4.8/5 (53)5/5 (40)
    Sales Rank4115266156155114
    Length28 cm28 cm28 cm28 cm28 cm28 cm
    Price€ 7.60€ 8.90€ 9.40€ 11.00€ 12.90€ 12.90

    In the next table above, we are looking at 28cm EBS flat patch cables. Here we have clear winners again. The original series PCF-DL28 DLX Flat Patch Cable and the premium series PG-28 Flat Patch Cable Gold have excellent user reviews with a very competitive average score of 4.9/5.

    EBS Flat Patch Cables (58cm)

    Last but not least, we have 28cm EBS flat patch cables. There are again two winners in this table. The original series PCF-DL58 DLX Flat Patch Cable and premium series PG-58 Flat Patch Cable Gold are two of the high-performing products by EBS company. These also have an average score of 4.9/5.

    *Visitors on mobile devices; Did you know that you are able to scroll the comparison tables horizontally? Try yourself with the below table!

    ModelPCF-DL58 DLX Flat Patch CablePCF-DLS58 DLX Flat TRSPCF-DL58G DLX Flat Patch (New)PG-58 Flat Patch Cable GoldEBS PCF-DLS58S DLX Flat TRS (New)
    Rating vs # of User Reviews4.9/5 (250)NANA4.9/5 (285)NA
    Sales Rank7328610881662
    Length58 cm58 cm58 cm58 cm58 cm
    Price€ 8.70€ 8.90€ 10.90€ 11.90€ 11.90

    As I mentioned in the beginning, PG-58 Flat Patch Cable Gold was my choice. I must say I’m completely satisfied with my purchase. It’s a solid-built and very trusty patch cable. As you can see from the patterns above, their high-performing products have an excellent amount of user reviews that translate into very high scores.

    This is an indication of true quality! Imagine having 500 user reviews with a score of 3.5/5. This would actually show that there’s no consistency with a product that is usually considered a disposable item. But with EBS products, you never come across this pattern.

    Also, note that other EBS flat patch cables have a great score. However, most of them have been recently added to Thomann, so there’s not enough data to judge these products.

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    If you are like me and you wouldn’t hesitate to invest in your guitar-related accessories, you should definitely check these cables. As guitar players, we usually ignore non-electric guitar manufacturers and their wonderful products. EBS seems to be a bass-oriented company but with a little bit of research, one would be aware of their excellent line of patch cables.

    I hope you have enjoyed this brief article and found this helpful. If you would like to get notified of new content just like this, please subscribe to my mailing list down below! Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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