Pyramid 7 String Review

In this brief article, I would like to introduce to you a really decent German string manufacturer, Pyramid Strings and also provide you with their only 7 string electric guitar string set, Pyramid 7-String review!

For those who have never heard of Pyramid Strings: It’s a long-established small German company manufacturing German-made strings for almost any stringed instruments such as electric & acoustic guitars, basses, nylon strings, ukulele and banjo strings, violin, oud, bouzouki, saz, lute strings…etc

They have been actively manufacturing strings since 1850! I must say I had heard about and saw their products while I was working for the MI industry. Especially their saz (bağlama, which is a Turkish folk instrument) and oud strings were pretty popular among other brands.

To be honest, I never really paid attention or tried their strings before. To me, Pyramid Strings always reminded me of a cheap brand of strings.

However, since I have been on a quest to find the most suitable and sustainable strings for my Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 7 string electric guitar, I have bought many string sets to try and see for myself.

This time, I also bought many strings sets by Pyramid strings including their 7-string set and 6-string sets (9-42 gauge).

Pyramid 7 String is the only 7 string set that the company manufactures. Among dozens of big string manufacturer and their 7 string guitar sets, Pyramid 7 String is the 4th cheapest and one of the best-rated strings by real users at Thomann!

Pyramid 7 String set features 10-56 (10-13-17-26-36-46-56). At first, I was worried that the tension would be too high at standard tuning as many user reviews had stated that on a 25.5 inches scale 7 string, Pyramid 7 string would feel tense already.

Pyramid 7 String
Let’s give the Pyramid 7 String set a try!

However, when compared to similar gauges, I thought I should give it a try! The problem with 26.5 inches scale length is that low-E string most of the time results in a bit of a wobbly feel (open string only). I believe this the reason why guitar manufacturers also produce multi-scale guitars.

When I tried different gauges and different brands, I almost had this feeling that I shouldn’t apply too much picking force on the low-E string which is a shame really!

Even when I tried D’addario NYXL09564SB that costs more than 3 times of Pyramid 7 string set gave me the same impression, so I wasn’t really hopeful.

But I must say Pyramid 7 string has given me the best result so far out of any brand that I have tried! Given the fact that it’s so affordable, I strongly believe this set can be my favourite on my 7 string.

The price tag is incredible if you consider these strings are handmade in Germany, and this allows guitar players to stock them and change strings every few weeks!

On the first day with a fresh Pyramid 7 string set, I had spent 4-5 hours playing and managed to get plain strings corroded (they already started changing colour), however, this would exactly happen in any string brand (except coated strings) so I must say I’m very very impressed!

Fresh Pyramid 7 String
Fresh Pyramid 7 String

I also wanted to record a quick video of me random playing and show you how a fresh set of Pyramid 7 string would sound like.

In this video, I used my Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7, Pyramid 7 String, ENGL E570 Tube Preamp, ENGL Cabloader directly recorded into my laptop via the RME Babyface PRO audio interface.

For anyone reading this article, I can confidently recommend buying Pyramid 7 strings! If you can, buy more than one set and stock them, you won’t regret it and will be able to change your strings more often and always have a fresh playing feel!

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Hope you have found this brief article on Pyramid 7 string review and sound test helpful! Please stay tuned for more articles and demo videos of my gear! Thanks for your support!