Ibanez V50NJP & VC50NJP Jam Pack Review The Best Starter Pack!

When you are working in the musical instruments industry in customer care and technical support roles, you get often asked endless questions on the included items that come with the instrument.

Usually, people need to choose each item as their guitar, gig-bag or case, tuner, straps, picks and many more when they first start playing the guitar. Not every manufacturer responds to this need, but for this reason, some companies do it really well! Here’s yet another guitar review!

Just before you begin I want you to have a look at my introduction on “Why Should You Trust My Reviews Article?“. Here on this website, you will have only have honest and real reviews written by an industry professional!

This time we’ll be looking at Ibanez V50NJP Jam Pack Dreadnought Version and Ibanez VC50NJP Jam Pack Concert Version (*VC50NJP is back in stocks!!!)

As the name suggests, it comes with everything you need to start jamming right away!

The guitar that comes with this pack is called Ibanez V50 dreadnought acoustic guitar.

It also comes with a gig-bag, a chromatic guitar tuner, a guitar strap, accessory pouch, picks and allen wrench for truss rod adjustment!

First of all, let’s hear the guitar action as played by Selçuk Uzunhasanoğlu.

Watch this video on YouTube.

As there are many tech specs of this guitar around the internet, we haven’t been able to find it on the official Ibanez website. This sometimes happens as the manufacturers do not really care too much about the very entry-level guitars.

According to the Thomann website, the guitar has an agathis body with a spruce top. I assume the neck is also made of the same or similar wood. Also, it says the fretboard is made of treated pine from New Zealand.

As in my 2 and a half years of service, believe me, I had opened these jampacks over 200 times just to check them cosmetically and the accessories. But it was always rosewood (or a kind of?) to us.

Recently, because of CITES manufacturers have come up with different solutions to get away with extra restrictions that the new regulation has brought up. So I assume, this is some kind of wood, but not rosewood 🙂

Ibanez V50NJP Jam Pack!

This is what I call great packaging!

Ibanez V50NJP Jam Pack!

Two colour options! VS one is amazing too!

Ibanez V50NJP Jam Pack!

This is what you get!

I must say, this starter pack and its concert body sibling, Ibanez VC50NJP are the best selling guitar starter packs in my country. There are no other models or brands that could compete with these models!

As I have posted the same video below which compare Cort AD810 vs Ibanez V50N guitar, I would like you to have a listen to this guitar again below;

Watch this video on YouTube.

As I have mentioned above, I probably had unboxing, checking the accessories, testing and playing these models over 200 times, and I know what I’m talking about 🙂 Ibanez V50NJP and VC50NJP are the best starter packs you can buy, period! If you asked me, I would go for Cort AD810 as I had stated in a separate review of that guitar, but there are not many differences between them. Just listen and decide for yourself.

Most people have commented on the above video as they liked the Cort model better in lead playing (or let’s say single line playing) and liked the Ibanez model in rhythm playing. As you can see in the video, my colleague and I had the chance to play with both in the same musical scenario. I must say I felt much more comfortable with AD810.

Ibanez felt like a more rough guitar than the Cort model. In the end, it all comes up to one’s preferences.

PS: Please also do not forget that there is also a concert body version of the same model, called Ibanez VC50NJP.

Ibanez VC50NJP Jam Pack!

Exact same model and specs but with a concert design body!

The only difference is the guitar has a concert shape body! But as the body form changes, the overall tonality will also change, maybe not so much? Or a bit? You decide below? Please have a look at the video, played by Selçuk Uzunhasanoğlu.

Watch this video on YouTube.

*Note that, on some websites, you might see the model names as IVJ…It’s completely the same guitar, I believe the model names have been altered after CITES!

Get your Ibanez V50NJP or VC50NJP Jampack from the best musical instruments store on this planet, Thomann.

Ships anywhere in the world!

By the way, I have recently published the “25 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars For Beginners and Intermediate Players” review which also includes Ibanez VC50NJP Jampack as well. Do not forget to check this out before you buy your guitar 🙂

I hope this review has been helpful! Do not ever hesitate to ask questions, or post your comments below!

Thanks for your time!



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