Cort AD880CE Acoustic Electric Guitar Best Real Review

As I will be repeating the details about how we would test guitars both in terms of the functional and cosmetics aspects in upcoming reviews, I’m not going to tell how much time and effort would go to instrument testing during my service in

If you want to know what kind of long-term experience I have been providing here, I highly recommend you to have a look at my solid reasons on “Why Should You Trust My Reviews Article?“. I’m sure you will trust my word and will be convinced that I’m not reviewing these guitars just because I have seen them online!

According to over 13 years of data, Cort AD880CE is the best seller acoustic guitar with a preamp & tuner on it!

I’m not just making up, Cort has been one of the most successful guitar brands in Turkey and everyone knows this.

Most people don’t like the image of the brand as the guitars they make are not always the best in terms of quality. However, when you consider the price you pay and the performance you get, it’s unbeatable! First, please watch the video below in which I am playing the actual guitar! It is right out of the box, without any adjustment except tuning.

Nylon string Cort AC-10 played by Selçuk Uzunhasanoğlu. Here you will hear the guitar in action, recorded with a Rode VideoMic Stereo Pro.

Watch this video on YouTube.

My personal thoughts on this guitar; I think it’s unbeatable for the price!

According to tests applied for over dozens of Cort AD880CE sold in more than two years of time, there were a few problematic ones. And I must say these problems were the least important ones such as trust adjustment out of the box, preamp fails and some buzzing on a single fret or so. Most of the time, you can just go for it without hesitation.

I’ll be giving you more details about Cort AD880CE acoustic guitar.  First, let’s hear the guitar in action (played by Selçuk Uzunhasanoğlu);

Watch this video on YouTube.

It’s not really easy to find this guitar online. I have searched for it on my websites but rarely could find them.

I know for sure the majority of visitors who have landed on here come from European countries so you can try asking Thomann or Muziker.

It comes with a spruce top which has been a very popular top wood for acoustic guitars recently. It has both balance and strength plus produces quite versatile guitar tones that can be used in many genres without hesitation.


Cort AD880CE Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

Beautiful craftsmanship!

As you can see, one of the best tonewood, mahogany used in back and sides on this guitar which results in bright but also strong and warm midrange tones. This wood is an industry-standard for back and sides for decades!

Cort AD880CE Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

I’m sure they have spent a lot of time on these instruments! Would you agree?

Cort AD88CE also features Tiger design acrylic rosette and purfling. This actually separates this guitar from the very entry-level and provides a unique look.

Cort AD880CE Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

Can you see the details?

What type of factory strings do these come with?” is one of the most asked questions in any discussion about the guitars. Cort AD880CE comes with coated D’addario EXP 80/20 bronze light set and ready to rock out of the box!

Cort AD880CE Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

Perfect condition!

As can be seen in the image, the bridge has an exclusive scoop that enhances sustain with an improved string angle from the saddle to the body. This also reduces overall tension thus less finger fatigue and improved playability for acoustic players.

Cort AD880CE Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

Attention to detail is top-notch!

The guitar comes with a 3-band EQ by Cort model number CE304T. Operating on a 9-Volt battery, this preamp also features a single-digit LED tuner so you will never have to worry about a guitar tuner.

Cort AD880CE Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

Comes with a Cort CE304T preamp/tuner!

And finally, Cort AD880CE has a quite unique neck joint called a “Dovetail” joint. This enables all the vibrations and resonance transfer through the body without degradation in the guitar’s tone.

Cort AD880CE Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

This is how Cort guitars neck and body joint made!

Tech Specs of Cort AD880CE

ConstructionDovetail Neck Joint
CutawayVenetian Cutaway
BodyDreadnought Cutaway Body
TopSpruce Top
Back & SidesMahogany Back & Sides
NeckMahogany Neck
BindingIvory Binding w/ Tiger Acryl Purfling
FretboardRosewood or Merbau*
Frets20 Frets
InlayDot Inlay
RosetteMultiple Tiger Acryl Rosette
BridgeRosewood or Merbau
PickupsCeramic Pickup
ElectronicsCort CE304T Preamp
StringsD'addario EXP 80/20 (Now called EXP36)
BracingAdvanced X-Bracing

It is obviously a big step up from its entry-level sibling, Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar. If you have a tight budget but definitely want to go for an acoustic-electric guitar with cutaway, this is one of your best options.

For the price, you can not go wrong and I’m telling you after having tested, played, unboxed and adjusted dozens of Cort AD880CEs in 2 and a half years.

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I hope it has been a helpful and honest review for you. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to post them below. I am willing to help anyone who is about to choose their instrument. Many thanks for reading this far and finding my page here, means a lot to me!



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