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Logitech Z313 Review – Guitar Sound Test

Hello there! Back again with another long-term review of one of the most popular and affordable multimedia speakers! This time we will be looking at the Logitech Z313 speakers. You will be also able to find some guitar test videos in this Logitech Z313 review so you can realise its potential (if there’s any) from a bedroom guitarist’s perspective.

If you are one of my regular readers, you would already know that I post content around guitar gear and pro-audio gear such as active reference monitors, MIDI keyboards and controllers, or USB audio interfaces. However, I always love to share any experiences that I have gained using consumer audio products that would not fit so well in the guitar gear category.

That’s why I have been posting articles and videos such as Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II Speakers review and trying to show you how these consumer audio products would react with electric guitars.

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Having said that, I prefer having at least a standard or widely used reference monitor pair to play the guitar in my apartment.

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Up until recently, I was still working on improving my living standards so I kinda had to go cheap with my bedroom musician needs. Logitech Z313 speakers were one of my first purchases after I moved to Bratislava. I mainly bought these speakers to listen to music and sometimes play the guitar with.

Logitech Z313 Speakers Front View
Logitech Z313 Speakers Front View

As you may guess, Logitech Z313 speakers are far from the ideal speaker set for anyone to play electric guitar with. 🙂 But when you don’t have an option, why not try, right?

Logitech Z313 speakers are an easy-to-use speaker system with an additional subwoofer. You basically have dual satellite speakers covering mid and high frequencies as well as a subwoofer to get an enhanced bass response.

It comes with a control pad that you can use to adjust the volume as well as an on/off switch. Let’s quickly have a look at the tech specs then I will provide a brief review along with a guitar test video! 🙂

Logitech Z313 Tech Specs

Total Watt (RMS)25W
ControlsPower and volume controls on wired control pod
Dimensions & Weight
Satellite (Left and Right)

Logitech Z313 speakers come in a pretty small box. I usually never throw away any original product boxes as I may need them in the future. And I must say I am pretty careful with repacking a used product. However, I always had difficulties packing these into the original box due to too many cables! You can see clearly I failed again! 🙂

Logitech Z313 Box
Logitech Z313 Box

As you can see from the Z313 tech specs table, it’s pretty low in power. Satellites can only punch around 10W in total while subwoofers can push around 15W totalling 25W output power.

In terms of the design, the first thing you will notice is that there are too many cables around! The wall plug is connected to the subwoofer and it’s where you connect the control pod to the cable(s) coming from satellites.

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Even though I wouldn’t be able to design it in a better way, I still find managing its cables too difficult as they keep dangling.

The control pod acts as an on/off switch as well as your volume control and it also houses your headphone jack.

Logitech Z313 Control Pod
Logitech Z313 Control Pod

Logitech Z313 Sound Quality

Logitech Z313 is able to produce decent sound quality thanks to its subwoofer. Satellite speakers are pretty good at handling mid and high frequencies, however as satellite speakers depend on the connection with the subwoofer so they can be fed with power, there is no way to test them on their own.

What I did was distance them from the subwoofer and try to listen closely. I reckon satellite speakers are not capable of producing any low frequencies at all. Therefore, they have to handle the rest of the spectrum.

As they are not so powerful, there’s a slight misbalance between the satellites and the woofer. Meaning that when you crank up the volume, it’s usually the satellite speakers that start failing to handle the volume.

The subwoofer is pretty successful on its own and can handle a lot of volumes. To be honest, I have never been a fan of 2+1 speaker systems, but I enjoyed the exaggerated bass response from time to time.

However, at the end of the day, the low spectrum is almost always too pronounced in comparison to the rest of the spectrum.

When you listen to music through Logitech Z313, I don’t see an issue with having boosted bass. However, if you want to record your guitars through these and then mix, you may have issues with mixing.

Logitech Z313 Speakers Side View
Logitech Z313 Speakers Side View

It’s very difficult to guess what would be the result with your mixes. Of course, these are definitely not made for audio production purposes. However, as I mentioned, I like testing any kind of consumer audio product from a bedroom guitarist’s perspective.

I always try to experiment to see if I can use and get any results with playing my guitar through these speakers or if I can do basic mixing with these.

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For sure, if you are serious about having a decent, uncoloured audio output, you should definitely go for active studio monitors.

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Can you play the guitar through Logitech Z313?

Of course, you can! But what about the results? To be honest, I enjoyed playing the guitar through Logitech Z313 as much as I enjoyed it with Creative Gigaworks T40 speakers. The only drawback of Logitech speakers is that as the satellite speakers can not handle relatively high volumes, they are easier to crack than Gigaworks speakers.

To show how Logitech Z313 speakers would sound in a raw, bedroom guitarist habitat, I recorded a simple video in which I played random riffage and some leads using my Epiphone SG Custom Ebony, ENGL E570 all-tube preamp, and ENGL Cabloader and just captured the sounds with my Canon EOS M200 so you can have an idea.

Logitech Z313 Review & Sound Demo (no talking)

What do you think? I bet they sound pretty OK for the price! 🙂 Even though these are pretty affordable, I wouldn’t say the same for how much space they need and occupy your working area. 🙂

Where to buy Logitech Z313?


You can also go for Amazon as they operate internationally without an issue, so please feel free to check the availability here. Based on your location, Amazon will land you in the correct Amazon store.


As I mentioned after I moved to Bratislava, these speakers were one of my first purchases to listen to music and play the guitar using guitar amp software. It was also my first purchase from the Alza website.

If you have never heard of Alza before, here’s some quick info. Alza is a very well-known and trusted Czech company that specialises in e-commerce, offering an extensive catalogue for online shoppers. Since my first order, I have become a loyal customer and whenever I need something, I visit Alza first. 🙂

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Improve your MIDI keyboard/finger drumming skills with Melodics

Unfortunately, Alza only operates within a narrow selection of countries such as Austria, Croatia, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. And the worse thing is that, when you go to their international website, you receive a warning message that for most of the countries listed, they have suspended their service.

But if you live in Czechia or Slovakia, they are the best! Their Alza Box service is incredible, you just wait for an SMS message with a password, and then you go and pick up your parcel. Very cool!

I hope you enjoyed this brief Logitech Z313 speakers review with my raw guitar playing! Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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