t.bone MB85 Beta Microphone Review

Hello there, back again with another post! This time we will be looking at one of the most budget-friendly dynamic microphones in the market by Thomann, t.bone MB85 Beta.

Recently, I was looking for the quickest and easiest way to record ideas into DAWs as I would often record musical ideas on my phone, then transfer them to my laptop. It was still easily doable but since there are steps to do just to achieve a simple thing that would end up in my DAW, I thought I should get myself a cheap microphone.

I’m not a singer or anything sort of, but for me, musical ideas usually come out while humming them just right after you hear them in my mind. So I think there should be a working audio solution for anyone to record them instantly into your favourite DAW.

For this reason, I started researching possible options at Thomann and discovered their exclusive brand called t.bone!

Thomann’s t.bone brand dominantly features vocals, instruments, large and small diaphragm condenser, wireless, headset, installation microphones as well as various microphone and studio accessories, acoustic treatment products, headphones and in-ear monitoring systems.

They manufacture a lot of clone products at very affordable price tags while offering you the highest value for money!

Since I was looking for an affordable and hassle-free solution, I started browsing t.bone’s dynamic microphone models.

When I looked at the sales ranks with the user ratings, I was immediately hooked up with the t.bone MB85 Beta microphone.

As many of you may already be able to guess from the model name, MB85 Beta is a clone of Shure SM58 🙂

These microphones are classified as dynamic vocal microphones and if you look at the respected subcategory, you can see that t.bone is listed as the 6th best seller while Shure SM58 is the number 1 as well as sharing the top 5 with other varieties of it.

So we can basically say that Shure SM58 is the most popular dynamic vocal microphone in the universe!

Even though Shure SM58 is fairly priced at Thomann, for the reasons I have mentioned in this article, I went for the clone version which costs almost 3 times less!

According to Thomann, it offers a clear, round sound with high signal levels. It also features a super-cardioid pattern for minimising the feedback.

There is also a set of technical specs of the microphone, please see below.

Tech Specs of t.bone MB85 Beta Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Transducer TypeDynamic
Frequency response50 - 16000 Hz
Field Sensitivity2.4 mV/ Pa
Field Sensitivity-52.4  dB re 1V/ Pa
Impedance415 Ohm @ 1 kHz
Measurements 16.4 x 5.2 cm
Weight273 gr
Mount & CaseIncluded

I have also added the following 2 images regarding its pattern and frequency response graph below.

t.bone MB85 Beta Pattern

t.bone MB85 Beta Microphone Super Cardioid Pattern

t.bone MB85 Beta Microphone Super-Cardioid Pattern

t.bone MB85 Beta Frequency Response

t.bone MB85 Beta Microphone Frequency Response

t.bone MB85 Beta Microphone Frequency Response Graph

t.bone MB85 Beta Sound Test

Unfortunately, I’m not a singer and won’t even try to provide a vocal demo with you! 🙂 There are really good samples recorded by Thomann, simply just visit the product page and listen for yourself.

However, I have just used this microphone for recording my Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II speakers in a quick sound test/comparison video. I don’t think anyone else would spend their time making such videos, but hey! These fit my budget, working space and use cases so why not feature them? 🙂

Watch this video on YouTube.

In this video, I have used my Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7, RME Babyface PRO interface, LePou Legion VST amp plugin with nadIR (factory IRs), Mokafix D-plus VST distortion plugin and Chicken Picks Badazz 3.2mm!

Hope you have enjoyed my t.bone MB85 Beta review! Many thanks for your time on my website, hopefully, I will be posting fresh stuff in the upcoming future! See you in the next piece of content.


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