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Göldo Fret Polishing Rubber Review – Magical!

Hello there, back again with another review for you! This time, we will be looking at a beautiful product that I have recently discovered, Göldo fret polishing rubber! 

As I always do, I will give you some quick information about the Göldo company and also provide you with a fret polishing rubber review video in action!

For those who have never heard about the Göldo company, it’s a German company that is very well-known for its own Göldo branded guitar parts and many other high-segmented imported brands.

Goldo Fret Polishing Rubber

Their own Göldo branded parts are very affordable and offer a high value. So if you are looking for any guitar parts such as guitar pickups, guitar pickguards, guitar/bass pots, fret wires, guitar/bass bridges, switches, guitar nuts, tremolo systems as well as many instrument maintenance & care products, Göldo should be your first choice.

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As far as I understand and have tried to reflect in the beginning, I think they also represent many imported brands in the guitar parts segment.

Thomann's 70th Anniversary Offers

Thomann's 70th Anniversary Offers

I have recently purchased a Göldo fret polishing rubber and couldn’t really wait to try it on my Fender American Standard Stratocaster!

I bought a bunch of stuff from Thomann and my order arrived in a huge box. Unfortunately, Thomann arranged the packing for bigger items but didn’t put these small accessories and products into a zip bag. My package was also opened and checked for damage control by the Slovak parcel company.

Everything seemed to be OK except the missing Göldo fret polishing rubber! I reported this to Thomann as well as the UPS company. As expected, Thomann quickly reacted and already sent me a new item at no cost. And also as expected, UPS never cared!

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Göldo Fret Polishing Rubber review

When I opened the package, I noticed it was Hosco branded fret polishing rubber and did a quick research. And yes, these are actually made in Japan by the Hosco brand but are sold under the Göldo brand in Thomann. So don’t be confused when you have received your parcel! It’s an authentic, high-quality product. As stated in many user reviews, my first impression was that I just purchased a pair of rubbers. 🙂

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And it indeed feels like a rubbery material. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it right away. But then I broke my high E string on my Fender USA Standard Stratocaster and thought this could be the best time to try Göldo/Hosco fret polishing rubbers!

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Before Göldo/Hosco fret polishing rubbers, I had also tried Dunlop Micro Fine Guitar Polish 5410 and also liked the result. However, Dunlop Micro Fine is not so durable and after a couple of polishing sessions, you would run out of the polishing surface and buy another one.

So I wanted to give Göldo/Hosco fret polishing rubbers a chance and even recorded a short video showing you this in action.

How to use Göldo/Hosco fret polishing rubbers?

It’s pretty easy as you can guess. All you need to apply some firm pressure while polishing your frets with this polishing rubber.

As you will see in the video, I didn’t really use any fret and fretboard savers such as Göldo WS045 Fretboard Guard, Rockbag Fingerboard Saver Set, or any masking tape, however, I was being careful not to scratch the fretboard as well.

Having said that, I do recommend you to get a fretboard saver or at least use some masking tapes. I don’t reckon I will use these without protecting unfinished rosewood or ebony fingerboard-equipped guitars.

Here’s a photo I took right after I had finished polishing the frets. As you can see, it leaves a lot of dust particles from the rubbery material, just like rubbers do when you erase something on the paper (but with finer particles). You can also easily see how much they shine already. Note that, I didn’t really spend too much time on this polishing session and only adjusted the photo’s brightness so you can see it better.

Goldo Fret Polishing Rubber Aftermath
Just like rubbers leave dust behind

Before the frets looked yellowish and now they look really shiny and bright.

Before I provide you with a short video, I also would like to add more photos. So if you don’t want to watch it, you can quickly have a look at the before and after photos.

Here’s a photo before I polished these frets with Göldo/Hosco fret polishing rubbers.

Goldo Fret Polishing Rubber Before
Before polishing

And here’s a photo after I polished these frets with Göldo/Hosco fret polishing rubbers.

Goldo Fret Polishing Rubber After
After polishing

It definitely works and I can’t wait to try this on my other guitars! The only problem is that it leaves some residue just like what you would have with regular rubbers/erasers, but with smaller particles.

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You had better be prepared for a good clean-up! Fortunately, cleaning a gloss maple fingerboard is pretty easy. You can just use regular guitar polish products. However, I am not sure how this should be done with unfinished ebony or rosewood fingerboards. Once I have tried this on my other guitars, I will surely update this part of the content. 🙂

Göldo Fret Polishing Rubber Test

As you can see in the video, Göldo polishing rubber turns grey/black immediately when used. It’s an indication of a successful fraction for sure and is nothing to be worried about. But you may complain about the residue it leaves behind.

Although it may be perceived as an overpriced product, I must tell you that it’s definitely not! You can actually cut these grey layers with a razor blade and still use it. Considering you have a pair of these rubbers and you only use these per string change makes these extremely cheap. I think you will not need to buy these for a couple of years at least.

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Overall, I’m 100% satisfied with Göldo/Hosco fret polishing rubber and totally recommend you to try these out. I hope you have enjoyed this article and it’s been helpful for you! Thanks for your time and I will hopefully see you in the next piece of content!

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