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Goldo Humbucker Screws

Göldo Humbucker Screw Review

    Find out in this Göldo humbucker screw review whether they are a good fit for replacing screws for direct mount humbuckers.

    EMG 57/66 7 String Active Pickups

    EMG 57/66 Review (7 String) & Sound Demo

      EMG 57/66 is one of the best-sounding pickups, perfectly balanced for traditional sounds with the active pickups vibe. Check out my EMG 57/66 review and demo here.

      Marleaux Comfort Strap Long!

      Marleaux Bass Comfort Strap Review

        Marleaux bass comfort straps are an excellent choice for guitarists who have heavy guitars. Check out my Marleaux Bass Comfort Strap review here.