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TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader

TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader Review – Killer Simplicity!

    TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader possibly features the best and most user-friendly design with killer tech specs at an extremely affordable price tag! Check out my TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader review, have a listen to the demo video and download the manual.

    EMG 57/66 7 String Active Pickups

    EMG 57/66 Review (7 String) & Sound Demo

      EMG 57/66 is one of the best-sounding pickups, perfectly balanced for traditional sounds with the active pickups vibe. Check out my EMG 57/66 review and demo here.

      Nux Rivulet Chorus

      Nux Rivulet Chorus Review

        Nux Rivulet Chorus is a very affordable, excellent-sounding chorus that features three different legendary chorus sounds. Check out my Nux Rivulet Chorus review.

        Epiphone SG Custom Ebony

        Epiphone SG Custom Ebony Review

          Epiphone SG Custom Ebony is an extremely well-built, classic SG guitar inspired by Gibson! Check out my Epiphone SG Custom Ebony review here.